About PHIX

About PHIX

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Established in 2016, our involvement in the industry was purely focused to help people quit smoking while providing a culture and lifestyle to do so. We have been helping smokers make the switch to PHIX to find a healthier lifestyle and satisfaction.

Our mission is to manufacture premium quality electronic closed system vapor products. We aim to solve cigarette smokers nicotine cravings and product flaws of existing closed system devices. As a leader in vapor product innovation PHIX was designed, formulated, and engineered to fix these issues.


Designed in California

We are innovators, vaping experts, and award-winning juice formulators. PHIX provides the perfect satisfaction to deliver the best vaping sensation to enthusiasts all over the world. Since our inception in mid-2016, our team has worked relentlessly to deliver the best user experience on the market.

All of PHIX’s award-winning flavors excel in achieving that one thing… finding the perfect match for every area of flavor preference. Our proprietary formulation has all the characteristics to emulate the ideal sensation unmatched by any closed system device on the market today. Our proprietary blend has been specifically designed for the PHIX pods and underwent major development for years before its launch.


How and Why We Started

With years of experience in the vaping industry, PHIX is primarily focused on creating and maintaining a culture and lifestyle for millions of people around the world who are switching to vape.

We worked closely with enthusiasts and tried about every device and e-liquids on the market to find the best vaping solution without success. Today, we are beyond thrilled to have created PHIX… the best closed system nicotine delivery device to do just that.

Mission Statement

PHIX is designed with all things in mind: form, factor, convenience, flavor and sensation. Our goal is simple, to deliver the best sensation and customer satisfaction to smokers around the world.

Our company is fully engaged in working to prevent any form of underage smoking. Our products are designed with multiple safety precautions to help consumers of legal smoking age.

We are on a mission to PHIX the world one smoker at a time.

Our Technology

We are constantly making strides to improve and innovate the vape industry. We strive to maintain our reputation as being one of the best known technologies in our field and be called “the best closed system to date”. Even with heavily dense competition, we continue to remain at the forefront of our industry. We take pride in our proprietary technology, and our perfected flavor formulations that continue to win awards around the world.

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